Episode 1 - Enter: Two Bears

This is our pilot episode where we introduce ourselves and give you an idea of what this podcast will be about.  This episode is a mobile episode and was recorded in our car while driving. 

Episode 2 - A Little Holiday Queer

We are in the "studio"! We talk about the holidays and share some of our own favorite holiday memories and traditions.

Episode 3 - Closets are For Clothes, Not for Homos

This episode we both share our coming out stories and about how it affected out lives.

Episode 4 - That Sounds Queer

In this first episode of many, we talk about music and artists and songs that mean a lot to us.

Episode 5 - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

We talk about everyone's favorite Lets see how awkward we can make things.

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Episode 6 - Goin' to the Chapel

Here we talk about our own engagement story and a recap of our wedding day.